Annual General Meeting Notice

Annual General Meeting Notice

Under the British Club’s Constitution, we are required to hold an Annual General meeting within 3 months of the end of the financial year.

This is an important meeting as the AGM is the main vehicle for Members of the British Club to make their views known with matters pertaining to the Club and to vote on capital expenditure for the forthcoming year.  The Executive Committee, therefore, urges you to attend the Meeting. (Please note that if you have been a member for less than three months you will not be allowed to vote at the meeting).

The first call for the meeting will be held at 7.00pm on Monday 27 November 2017 at The Club.

We require 50% membership to go ahead and if not, then a second meeting will be called, in accordance with the Constitution, on Tuesday 5 December at 7.00pm when 33% of the membership is required.

If there are still not enough members present to form a quorum, then a final meeting will be called 30 mins later at 7.30pm, Tuesday 5 December with the approval of the Ministry representative, when 10% of the membership is required to be present.

Members wishing to place items on the AGM agenda concerning the operation of the Club should do so in writing and submit them to Reception before Saturday 28 October marked for the attention of the Club Secretary. The letter should clearly state names, membership numbers and signatures of the Proposer and the Seconder, either of whom shall be present at the Annual General Meeting.

The AGM will also include voting for the Executive Committee for the year 2017-2018. The Executive Committee shall be composed of Ordinary Members who shall be fully paid up members of the Club of at least one year’s standing.

Nominations for the Executive Committee must be submitted in writing to Reception no earlier than Monday 6 November and no later than noon on Monday 20 November for the attention of the Club Secretary.  Included must be the signatures and membership numbers of the Proposer and the Seconder.

Nominations for the Executive Committee can also be made by completing the roll, posted at the Club Reception, before noon on Monday 20 November. Positions with only one name against it will be deemed to be unopposed and automatically be voted onto the Executive Committee.

Should more than one name be entered for a position then a vote will be taken at the AGM and if no names are entered against a position then nominations will be requested from the floor of the Meeting.

The agenda and financial statements will be available at the Club Reception from Monday 13 November. If a member is unable to attend the meeting, he or she may appoint no more than one member to act as his proxy, but please note that proxy votes are not allowed in the election of the Executive Committee.